Class Review Notes and Video for Reference  

        This Section is intended as a student aid in learning and practicing forms.

                 Thirteen Kinetic Movements, Secret Yang Style (Michuan)

Yang Style 64 Movement Tai Chi Long Sword

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form Part 1

(Up to Strike Tiger)

Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qigong) Warm-Ups, Secret Yang Style

1)Taiji qigong warm ups & Thirteen Kinetic Movements

By Greg Illich, Serendipity Tai Chi. My student, Andrew Bartelt, assisted with descriptions.

Qigong moving exercises

  • Hip circles
  • Twisting (feet parallel and stance)
  • Combing the hair
  • Taking the helmet off
  • Stretching the neck and shoulders
  • Carry Tiger back to the Mountain
  • Extension: Extending, bending forward with feet shoulder width apart and squatting half way

        Hamstring stretch to sides, circling hand over front toes, back leg bent, front leg straight

  • Swaying like Kelp
  • Moving hands like floating clouds

        Getting off the floor from supine position, circle around to standing

        holding teacup move hand circularly and overhead to bend backwards

        Taiji circle

        Grinding Elbow

        Breathing through the kidneys

Qigong workout

  • Push ups into vasishtisanana
  • Multi-phase: Straighten front leg, bend back leg, bend over front leg from hip; go forward into lunge, stand up on back leg (step like a cat) withdrawing front leg, step & circle back leg around, hold, both knees bent (front foot in forward attitude, back leg bent, swing suspended leg back, body goes horizontal, both legs straight, return to vertical while kicking out slowly with foot flexed.

        squat and circle hands, lift one foot, turn and circle hands

        take a drink

Relaxing movements

  •  arms up, shake arms, legs

  • leg up to side (abducted), flex foot, shake inner thigh

  • walk in place

Qigong static exercises

  • Universal Post: Ė front heel up, palms face you, finger tips close
  • Squat, arms out to the sides, palms down (Three Body Down)
  • Opening position

        Chinese chair against wall

        ward off

Rail road exercises

  • Bear walking
  • Diagonal flying
  • Ball walking (variant of floating cloud)
  • Parting Wild Horseís Mane

13 Kinetic Movements

First section

1.      Preparatory

2.      Beginning

3.      Transition to the Right 90 degrees

4.      Ward off Right side

5.      Brush birdís tail

a)      sit and separate

b)     hold ball

c)      brush pheasant's tail

d)     lion opens the mouth

e)     hold ball

f)      ward off

6.      Roll back

7.      Seeming counter and closure

Transition to the left 180 degrees and repeat 3 through 6 left side, transition to the right 90 degrees and repeat 3 through 6 right side, then transition to the left 180 degrees and repeat 3 through 6 left side.

Second section

1.      Transition to the right 90 degrees.

2.      Pull down to the right.

3.      Brush knee twist step.

4.      Play the lute.

Transition to the left 180 degrees and repeat 2 through 4 left side, transition to the right 90 degrees and repeat 2 through 4 right side, transition to the left 180 degrees and repeat 2 through 4 left side.

Third section

1.   Transition to the right, to the corner, 135 degrees.

2.    Pull down.

3.   Bending backwards: catch ball and lift foot while circling arms forward and back.

4.   Side twist

5.    Hidden kick

6.    Elbow stroke

7.     Shoulder stroke

8.     Central equilibrium

9.     Ward off (retreating)

10.  Play the lute (retreating)

11.  Press (retreating)

12.   Squeeze

Transition to the left 180 degrees (opposite corner) and repeat 2 through 12 left side, transition to the right 90 degrees and repeat 2 through 12 right side, transition to the left 180 degrees and repeat 2 through 12 left side.

13.    (After fourth side) pivot on left heel so that toes are now facing the original starting direction. Left hand palm up to dan tien. Right hand palm down, extend arm out and bring back in an arc at shoulder level. Slide right foot next to left foot, hands point down, arms extend down, draw back to front of legs 

14.  Cross Hands

15.   Carry tiger back to the mountain

16.    Conclusion of form, bow.


Traditional 64 Movement Yang Style Tai Chi Sword Form

As taught to Greg Illich by Master George Ling Hu.

This is the long version of the traditional Yang Style Sword Form.  It is practiced slowly with the weight of the supported with your back and waist rather than your arm.  Generally, the hand without the sword is held with the index and middle fingers together and extended. 

  1. Starting the Sword Form

  2. Fairy Points the Way

  3. Three Loops Wrap the Moon

  4. Check the Water with the Sword (forward and back)

  5. Watch the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper

  6. Swallow Dipping on the Water

  7. U-Blocks (Left and Right, repeat for a total of five times)

  8. Little Dipper

  9. Wasps Return to the Hive

  10. Nibble Cat Catches the Mouse

  11. Dragonfly Taps the Water

  12. Swallows Fly Back to the Nest

  13. Phoenix Spreads Out Its Wings

  14. Right Side Forward Tornado

  15. Little Dipper

  16. Left Side Retreat Tornado

  17. Casting Fishing Pole (begins with blocking downward to the left)

  18. Checking the Grass for Snakes

  19. Hold the Moon to the Chest

  20. The Birds Return to the Eaves of the Forest at Dusk

  21. Black Dragon Swings its Tail

  22. Green Dragon Extends One Claw

  23. Lotus Leaf Sways in the Breeze

  24. Lion Shakes its Head

  25. Tiger Holds its Head in itís Paws

  26. Wild Horse Jumps over the Creek

  27. Turn the Body and Grasp the Horseís Reins

  28. Needle Pointing Compass

  29. Dusting the Furniture (toward the blowing wind)

  30. Twisting, Reverse Sword to the Groin

  31. Thrust to the Groin

  32. Winged Messenger

  33. Shelving the Boat to the Shore

  34. Watch the Shooting Star Strike the Moon

  35. Heavenly Horse Jumps over the Water Falls

  36. Lift the Gate (Raise the Curtain)

  37. Cartwheel Sword

  38. Swallow Puts the Mud on the Nest

  39. Phoenix Spreads out its Wings [270 degrees] (Sometimes switched with Big Bird Spreads out One Wing)

  40. Catch the Moon in the Surface of the Water (begins with watch the rainwater drip from the blade)

  41. Going Down to Curtsy

  42. Hold the Moon to the Chest

  43. Point the Trident Down to the Sea

  44. Rhinoceros Looks [back] at the Moon

  45. Draw the Big Bow

  46. Shoot the Duck

  47. Big Bird Spreads Out One Wing (sometimes switched with Phoenix Spreads Out its Wings)

  48. Step over the Low Fence

  49. Fairy Works the Shuttle

  50. Draw the Big Bow

  51. Point the Sword to the Third Eye Level

  52. White Ape Donates the Fruit

  53. Flowers Drop from the Tree (includes transition: Watch the Shooting Star [catch the moon]

  54. Fairy Works the Shuttle

  55. White Tiger Sticks Up itís Tail

  56. Tiger Holds its Head in itís Paws

  57. Fish Jumps Over the Dragonís Gate

  58. Black Dragon Wraps around the Pillars of the Temple

  59. Fairy Works the Shuttle

  60. Old Man Plays (holds) the Wooden Instrument

  61. The Plum Blossom Spins to the Earth

  62. Palace Office Looks at the Plate

  63. Needle Pointing Compass

  64. Closing the Sword Form (includes final bow to close)



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