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'Be as still as a mountain, move as a great river.'

from: A Clarification of the Thirteen Postures - Wang Zongyue

Greg Illich






Looking for Tai Chi Classes in the Houston Area for Health, Fitness, Stress Reduction, Flexibility, or Non-Aggressive Self-Defense based on Tai Chi's yielding principle?  This Site is for You!

Please click    to see the current Tai Chi Classes offered in the Greater Houston Area.  Greg also teaches seminars and private lessons across the Houston area upon request.  Greg Illich is offering classes in the Thirteen Kinetic Movements in the Secret Yang Style. The classes focus on relaxation and improving health, benefiting both beginners and experienced students.

Serendipity Tai Chi is not a style, it represents my philosophy of appreciating life's "happy accidents" that enrich and strengthen our lives and the lives of those around us.  Tai Chi is a wonderful way to bring people together in peace, harmony, and health.  Perhaps the one hour of gentle practice of Tai Chi may be the first relaxing moment in a busy day: a gift to ourselves that we all deserve!

What is Taiji?

Taiji (Tai Chi) is an ancient form of Chinese exercise based on gentle self-defense movements emphasizing relaxation and better health through both mental and physical harmony.

There is emphasis on improving flexibility, balance and coordination. You can re-learn how to walk, sit and stand the Taiji way to reduce wear and tear on the body.

  • Guided practice in relaxation through the gentle movements.
  • Strength building basic exercises through postures and slow movements.
  • Improve mental focus.
  • Improved balance and coordination will reduce the chance of injury causing falls.
  • Increased flexibility helps combat joint stiffness and pain.
  • Gentle strengthening exercises keep the muscles healthy and support the joints, especially the knees.


Greg Illich

Greg Illich has more than 34 years experience in various Tai Chi forms with a focus on improving health. He currently teaches the Secret Yang Style which he learned under Master George Hu. Greg also has experience in other various forms including Chi-Kung, Tai Chi Long Sword, Hsing-I, Bagua, Baji, Chinese Wrestling, Northern Shaolin, Chinese Saber, and Western style epee fencing.


UPDATE: Massage now Available!!!

Massage now Available!

Massage now Available as Outcall service (Greg will come to your location).

Having studied eastern healing techniques with Master Hu, and completing massage training and certification, Greg provides massage services including Eastern as well as Western methods: Swedish Massage, acupressure, Medical Massage, Chinese Herbal Moxibustion, and PNF Stretching featuring active resistive techniques.


Contact Greg

email: greg@houstontaiji.com
phone: (713)854-7469


*Photo by Lee McDaniel




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